We Started some seeds already, actually about 2 weeks ago. I started some tomatoes that I am going to graft. I am using Maxifort as the root stock and am using buffalo as the fruit stock (typical choices). I am also going to experiment with grafting some Sunkist and Persimmon tomatoes as the fruit stock. In case you are wondering why do this at all, tomato grafting imparts the tomatoes with disease resistance and higher fruit yields. The Maxifort plants have wonderful disease resistance and produce about twice the yield of other tomato varieties, however they product terrible tasting tomatoes.

Maxiforts after 2.5 weeks

We also started celery, celeriac, and a few varieties of onions. The bulk of our planting will happen in about a month, at least everything we are going to transplant. In order to do that we need to build the green house, which is the next major project now that the chickens are settled.

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